Amarillo Utilities

With ample supply come low rates. Electricity, natural gas and water are all in ample supply for businesses in Amarillo. And as such, utility rates are low, especially for natural gas with rates among the lowest in the nation.


In addition to having low rates (6.24 cents per kilowatt-hour versus 10.08 cents nationally in 2013), Xcel is also well regarded for their reliability. Companies can also install their own turbines directly on their property to power their operations.

Natural Gas

As a major natural gas producing region, the abundant supply keeps rates low in Amarillo. The average monthly Atmos Energy gas bill for commercial service is $132.29 (assuming usage of 34.7 MCF). The average monthly gas bill for industrial service is $1,961.01, based on gas usage of 557.4 MCF.


Unlike many southwestern U.S. cities, Amarillo has an abundant supply of water from surface and groundwater sources. There has been no water rationing in Amarillo since 1952, which is assured for the future as well. The city recently secured a supply of high quality underground water sufficient to meet the city's needs for at least 200 years.