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Amarillo, Texas Offers

Amarillo, Texas boasts a diverse and thriving economy, known for its diligent work ethic and tireless vision for steady, long-term growth. This diverse regional economic center supports over 26,000-square miles including Eastern New Mexico and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Industry in Amarillo is comprised of a varied group of manufacturers, distribution companies, food technology and central and back-office operations. “Streamlined” best explains the business environment in Amarillo. From the permitting process to availability or insertion of utility infrastructure to affordability of construction, Amarillo, Texas offers the corporate customer a progressive approach to business.

Amarillo offers a trained workforce!
Amarillo's workforce has grown steadily since 1990, keeping pace with the growing labor demand, and in the past 15 years, total wages and salaries have increased over 30%. Amarillo has a large manufacturing base in companies such as Owens Corning, Bell Helicopter and Amarillo Gear. The raw materials for the production of blades already exist here in Amarillo. Owens Corning produces spun fiberglass threads used in the composites of wind turbine blade manufacturing.  With an abundance of machining, electrical and welding operations as well as many other unique manufacturers, the labor force is skilled and easily trainable to a myriad of industries.

Texas Panhandle Regional Labor Availability

Welders 29,935
Electricians 1,017
Grinders 27,565
Riveters 23,754
Team Assemblers 8,555
First-Line Supervisors 8,085
CNC Operators 14,774
Lathe Operators 15,782
Metal Fabricators 4,891
2004 Employment figures are taken from the Texas Workforce Commission

Amarillo College – will meet your needs!
Amarillo College is the Texas Panhandle’s primary provider of workforce training, and it serves area business and industry well by developing programs to meet their specific needs.  For example, in 1998 Bell Helicopter Textron chose to locate their V-22 Osprey Aircraft Assembly Center in Amarillo.  Amarillo College took a lead role in forming the Bell Employee Training Alliance (BETA), a consortium of organizations brought together to provide Bell with a ready supply of fully trained workers for years to come. This program continues to exceed expectations year after year.

Amarillo is home to West Texas A&M University where approximately 1,230 people receive degrees each year, and more than 260 of those are master's degrees. Texas Tech School of Engineering also has a presence in Amarillo.
The City is centrally located in the United States

Amarillo, Texas is positioned mid-continent with easy access from California all the way to North Carolina, as Interstate 40 runs east and west. Interstate 27 is the thoroughfare to the north and south and with the vision of the Ports-To-Plains initiative, a direct route from Mexico to Canada will be built through Amarillo.

Two mainlines of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway intersect at Amarillo, and provide direct service to Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, Dallas, Seattle, Vancouver, Memphis, St. Louis and Pensacola. These mainlines also terminate at the ports of Houston, San Diego and Galveston. The rail line operates a large intermodal facility in Amarillo that handles about 30,000 containers and trailers each year. The Union Pacific-Southern Pacific railroad also has rights to use BNSF tracks in the Amarillo area.

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is conveniently located on the east side of town and is accessible from anywhere in town by 15 minutes. Air service is provided by American Eagle, Southwest, Continental Express, and Great Lakes Aviation. Over 60 flights arrive or depart daily. Traveling to any foreign country is a short connecting flight away.

Foreign Trade Zone No. 252 was established on August 28, 2001. This benefits local companies conducting business internationally and allows import/export activity more expediently and at a reduced expense.

Utilities in Amarillo
Companies in Amarillo enjoy electric and natural gas rates that are among the lowest in the nation. Those savings go right to the bottom line, year after year, and help to make Amarillo such an attractive operating environment for businesses. The local electric utility is Xcel Energy, which has long enjoyed a reputation as an efficient and reliable energy provider. The Amarillo area is a major natural gas producing region, and the abundant supply keeps rates low. Atmos Energy is the natural gas utility that provides gas service within the city. Unlike many cities in the southwestern U.S., Amarillo has an abundant supply of water, both from surface and groundwater sources. The city recently secured a supply of high quality underground water sufficient to meet the city's needs for at least 200 years.

"Rocla's decision to construct it's third concrete tie plant in Amarillo was complemented by the support provided by the staff of the EDC."

Peter Urouhart

Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc.