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Contact: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, 806-353-9251.

On September 1, 1993, the Texas Water Commission and the Texas Air Control Board merged to form the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) now known as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). For the first time, environmental issues in Texas, whether land, air or water, are addressed by a single comprehensive agency. State environmental activities are now better coordinated and less fragmented. The single state agency has the expertise and authority to integrate and implement state policies on air quality, water quality, water resources and waste management.

A goal of this commission is to promote economic growth by significantly improving and streamlining the State’s environmental permitting programs so that businesses may acquire needed permits within substantially shorter times.

Environmental Economic Development Team
The State of Texas is committed to reducing the time required for industrial projects to receive environmental permits. The Environmental Economic Development Team was created to speed up the time in which pollution permits are issued to industries. The team includes representatives of all relevant state departments, including the Governor’s office, Texas Economic Development, and the TCEQ. Team members “shepherd” the applications through the permitting process, eliminating any unnecessary delays.

Solid Waste and Wastewater Disposal
Every industrial generator of solid waste is required to make a hazardous waste determination on that waste. Generators of wastewater are required to be permitted by the TCEQ.

The City of Amarillo Utilities Department is experienced in helping companies develop cost-effective solutions to wastewater disposal problems. They have successfully worked with both food processing and manufacturing operations. Contact Emmett Autrey, Utilities Director, at 806-378-3035.

Air Emission Regulations
Amarillo is in compliance with all Federal Ambient Air Standards for ozone, particulates and sulfur dioxide. Our area’s constant breeze ensures clean air over the city. Authorization is required from the TCEQ prior to the start of construction of any facility which may emit air contaminants. All permit applications for projects of greater than $2 million must be stamped as having been received by a certified engineer licensed to practice in Texas. Permit applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. However, TCEQ staffers will discuss the control measures that have been approved in similar situations. Permits are reviewed every 5 years.