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A City that Works
"In Amarillo, Productivity and Work Ethic are Our Greatest Assets"

Amarillo is home to some of the most hard-working and productive employees in the state and nation, with skill sets to match. Our key industry sectors include aviation, energy, health care, manufacturing, transportation and food technologies, and our labor pool is ready to go to work. Amarillo continues to grow and exhibit one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation while having a high number of employees that are considered "under-employed." (View results from our recent underemployment study here.) Employers can operate union-free in Amarillo, and the Amarillo EDC can assist with specific training programs in partnership with area educational institutions for qualified companies.

The Amarillo EDC, in conjunction with the "No Limits, No Excuses" partnership (formerly Partners for Post-Secondary Success, an Amarillo partnership that represented one of four communities selected to win a $1.3 million Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant), commissioned a Labor Market Study that was executed by third party firm Wadley Donovan Growthtech. The results of the study revealed that Amarillo has a generally well-educated populartion, compared to the rest of the state, and the area has a growing labor force. The area's labor participation rate also exceeds national and state averages. An executive summary of the study can be viewed here. 

The Amarillo EDC offers a number of workforce services and collaborates with many key partners to ensure Amarillo-area companies find and connect with the talent they need.

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For more information about Amarillo's workforce and related services, please call 806.379.6411 or contact us.

"The quality of work is tremendous. They can't believe it at the home office. I tell them it is all because of the people. It's a great bunch."

Dwight Byars

V.P. of Tiltrotor Operations for Bell Helicopter Textron