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Dipak Patel has 34 years of leadership experience in the hotel industry in Amarillo, with ten new hotels built in Amarillo and three new hotels in surrounding areas in the last 22 years. Dipak graduated from college in India, with a degree in Finance and Management. He is now one of Amarillo’s greatest advocates, and is the President of Route 66 Hotels Ltd., Route 66 Development LLC, Route 66 Management LLC, and an involved member of the community. He serves on the board of other community groups, such as Amarillo Potter Events, City of Amarillo Plan, and is a proud leader in the Indian community, serving as President of the Indian Association of Amarillo in 1998 and 2017.

With a passion for Amarillo development, Dipak is a true example of living the American dream with peerless hard work as a successful hotelier, thriving businessman, and ambitious entrepreneur. His areas of expertise include hotel construction, and land development and management.

When he’s not working or helping underserved communities, Dipak enjoys driving to various places to explore cultures and values with his wife of 40+ years, Sangita Patel, and two daughters, Vidhi and Jashmin Patel. He is also a proud grandfather to two granddaughters, Diya and Leela.